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Master Textures in Procreate

with your own Brushes & Texture Overlays

Master Textures in Procreate with your own Brushes & Texture Overlays

In this class, you’ll discover ways to create and enhance your Procreate illustrations with texture.

In my early days as an illustrator and surface pattern designer, I did everything in Adobe Illustrator.  Everything had a flat look, and even though I liked what I was producing, I wanted to add more interest to it in the way of texture.  I found adding texture in Ilustrator cumbersome.  I still love illustrator, but I wanted more flexibility when it comes to texture.

So over the years, I started to experiment with brushes and scanned in photos and paint marks to see if I could achieve the desired style I was working towards.  It took many years, but I can say now that I don’t have to think too hard when I’m in Photoshop or Procreate. I just paint and automatically know exactly what brush or texture to use for certain elements of my art.  I also still like to tinker and discover new ways of adding texture as well as creating brushes so that I can use those textures over and over.

In this class, you learn the following in Procreate:
  • How to convert photographs and painted marks into textures and how to use them as texture overlays in your illustrations
  • How to use existing brushes or bought brushes in your illustrations
  • How to create custom texture brushes and use them in your illustrations.
  • How to create custom stamp brushes and use them in your illustrations.
You will need:
  • iPad with Procreate installed + Apple Pencil
  • Paper – can be just plain computer paper
  • Paint brushes – these can be old brushes
  • Paint – you can use whatever you have on hand
Who is this class for:

Before starting this course, you should have a good knowledge of Procreate. Ideally, you’ve probably been using it for a year or so. This class is for anyone who creates digital art and wants to learn how to apply texture to their art.

I want you to take from it what you feel is something that resonates with the artwork that you produce.  I don’t want you walking away from this class with a complete replica of my work.  I want you to discover your own styles by learning my techniques to create unique and interesting textures for your work.

Also, don’t expect your work to transform overnight.  It took years for me to develop texture into my style.  I hope to reduce that timeframe for you, but it will still require you to set aside time every day to practice.   With patience and hard work, you’ll discover, over time, ways to incorporate texture into your work that is unique to you.


As a student of this class, you get my ENTIRE texture brush set to use for your own illustrations.  That’s 21 brushes for FREE!! Yay!  These brushes can be used for personal and commercial use. 

These are also available to purchase here if you don’t want to take the class.