Create a Half Drop Repeat Pattern in Photoshop using Smart Objects

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Create a Half Drop Repeat Pattern in Photoshop using Smart Objects

Are you a surface pattern designer and always wanted to know how to create seamless repeats in Adobe Photoshop? Do you create patterns in Adobe Illustrator and always wanted to learn how to do it in Photoshop? Join me in this quick fun class to learn how to use Smart Objects to create seamless complex repeats in Adobe Photoshop.

This class is suitable for all surface pattern designers or artists with a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

In this class, I’ll take you through my process of creating a seamless repeat pattern that can be used to apply to products such as fabric, bags, stationery and much much more. Some of the topics you’ll learn about include…


Pattern Creation

create your pattern in Adobe Photoshop using your own icons/motifs

Smart Objects

learn what they are and how to use them in pattern design

Pattern tile creation

earn how to extract your seamless pattern tile from the design

Applying your repeat pattern to a mockup

learn how to apply your repeat pattern to a mockup (supplied by me)

Spoonflower (bonus)

Upload your design to Spoonflower to create fabric, wallpaper or giftwrap

Adobe Illustrator is great for creating patterns , but Adobe Photoshop is best suited to artists who use traditional media or digital artists that use use various texture to create a traditional painterly look which is difficult to achieve in Adobe Illustrator.

For your class project you will use your own artwork to create a seamless pattern using the half drop repeat using the technique that I’ve shown you.  It can be any theme or style.  As a bonus video I’ll show you how to use your repeat pattern to upload to Spoonflower to create fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap.

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I’m proud of what I’ve created, and I’d really appreciate if you’d help me out by watching my class

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