10 Photoshop Tips for Surface Designers

10 essential tools and techniques that I use frequently in Photoshop to create my pattern designs.

10 Photoshop Tips for Surface Designers

In this class I’m going to take you through 10 different tools and techniques that I use frequently in Photoshop to create my pattern designs.   

Starting with a sketch of a simple motif, I’ll show you all the tools I use in Photoshop to transform them into a surface pattern design.  This includes how I draw my motifs in Photoshop, what brushes I use, how I create background texture, a simple repeat and how I create mockups.   It’s jam packed with lots of useful tricks to make Photoshop fun!

By the end of the class hopefully you’ll have created a pattern design in a totally new way to add to your portfolio.


1. Lasso tool & using Brushes

learn how to colour artwork using the lasso tool and Kyle Webster brushes

2. Clipping Masks & Blending Modes

learn and understand clipping masks and blending modes to enhance your artwork

3. Create a brush from a simple motif

Learn how to create a simple motif brush to speed up your workflow

4. Create texture using brushes

learn how to create texture using Kyle Webster Brushes

5. Puppet warp tool

learn how to manipulate motifs using the Puppet Warp tool

6. Cleaning up scanned in artwork

learn how to clean up scanned in artwork such as watercolour or gouache.

7. Create a colour palette from a photo

learn how to create colour palettes in Photoshop

8. Create a simple repeat

learn how to create a simple repeat

9. Create a repeat from texture

learn how to create background texture that repeats with your pattern

10. Create a simple mockup using smart objects

learn how to create a simple mockup using the warp tool and smart objects

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