ArtWork Summit:

Creative Productivity Unlocked

December 5–11

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I’m super excited and honoured to be a part of this year’s ArtWork: Creative Productivity Unlocked interview series.  

I used to struggle to find the balance between creativity and productivity, especially at the beginning of my illustration career.  I often would spend way too long working on the wrong things and then would become stressed over deadlines.  Over time, I found the balance. I found better ways to say no to unnecessary projects.  I found technology to help with planning. I found ways to be productive without impacting my creativity.  Most importantly, I found ways to balance my work with quality family time without the stress of deadlines looming overhead.

If you are struggling to find the balance between creativity and productivity and wish you had more time to work on your art, then this is the series for you.

So what is this all about, you ask?

Across 7-days we’ll be providing you with expert insights on how to find the balance between your creativity and productivity. We’ll be showcasing artists, designers, illustrators, and creative entrepreneurs who talk about their journeys, their environments and best practices.

ArtWork: Creative Productivity Unlocked is a free online event offering a diverse approach to creativity, productivity and the environments in which we work. As well as receiving valuable insights, each speaker will be offering a giveaway to keep you inspired and set you up powerfully for the New Year!

So won’t you join me? I’d love for you to come, too.

We’ll be giving you a sneak peek into our sketchbooks, our workstations and studio spaces. We’ll be walking you through our routines offering tips on productivity and creativity. We’ll be sharing our creative journeys and the transitions we’ve been through in order to get to where we are. And we will also be talking about the value and strength of the creative community.

Want to know what I’ll be talking about?

In my session, I will talk about my own creative journey beginning from my early days as a ballet dancer, through to what a typical day looks like for me now.

The best part about the ArtWork: Creative Productivity Unlocked event, is that it’s easy to join, and it’s FREE. Here’s an opportunity to draw back the curtain and get a sneak peek into the lives (and studios) of successful artists, illustrators, designers and creative entrepreneurs. Just have a look at the amazing lineup of creatives below.

So what are you waiting for?

The time is now to get inspired and to get new ideas to help your creative productivity. All you have to do is register here.